Cancellation & Refund

All payments are processed by the bank that issues the credit or debit card. Based on that process the bank returns a successful or failed message. Bank does not provide any reason for failed transactions and in some cases may return this message to us even after successfully debiting a customer's account. No amount is paid to us when a transaction is termed failed and we would not be in a position to make refunds against these transactions.

The cancellation refunds are done manually every forenoon on all working days. The refund amount will normally appear within 15 working days of our refunding, but this depends on the individual bank and their processes.

Before 24 Hrs - 15%

24 Hrs to 4 Hr - 35%

If less than 4 Hr – No Cancellation & Refund

E-Ticket Cancellation will be Closed Before 4 Hour from Journey Time.


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